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About Coaching

Sometimes change is tough.  You know you want to change something (big or small) but there is always an excuse not to do it.  Something may be holding you back. Maybe there are some voices (external or internal) telling you that you can’t do it, that you might fail.  Maybe it is fear.  Or anxiety.  Or a lack of time or resources.  Do you even know what might be holding you back?

Put simply, a coach partners with you to identify where you want to be and what is getting in the way, and then helps you create a plan to make that change happen.  This is usually done through periodic one-on-one sessions where the coach supports and encourages you as you embark on this journey of change.  A coach will ask you questions, and most importantly, will hear you and help you lead your way to whatever change you are seeking.

Coaching can be helpful on a full range of topics – a few examples include career improvement and transitions, platonic and/or romantic relationships, money issues, relocations, time and life organization, or discovering and acting on new passions in life.  Often clients start receiving coaching on one topic and end up finding there are other things that they would like to discuss and act on as well.


If you are feeling stuck and want to change but don’t know where to start, a coach might be the right choice for you.  You can schedule a free Discovery Call with me and we can see if we would be a good match to work together.

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